Determine Casket Size Before Purchasing A Casket

Caskets come in a variety of sizes like standard, infant, and oversized caskets. On an average, the casket length is about 84 inches, width is 28 inches, and height is 23 inches.

These dimensions are based on the fact that the average person is almost 60 inches long, 18 inches wide, and 6 inches high.

Oversized casket

Nevertheless, you can order a casket or coffin with different dimensions, depending on the size of the individual who is to be placed in it.

In terms of price, there is no considerable difference between the price of an oversized casket and a standard one. However, it is likely to increase the cemetery cost.

If you are wondering about the difference between a casket and a coffin, then suffice it to know that traditionally, a coffin has six to eight sides (to accommodate the anthropoidal human shape) whereas a casket is a rectangular burial container with four sides and a split lid.

However, both the terms are often interchangeably used when referring to the box in which a deceased is buried.

Coming back to casket sizing, if you are not sure whether the body would fit in a standard casket or not, then you may ask your funeral director to check and determine the size you should get.

There are no uniform dimensions for oversized caskets. Generally, they are about 28 to 31 inches wide.

Standard caskets are generally used for individuals who are around 6 feet tall and weigh 240 pounds or so. Thus, people who are 6’5” or taller than that usually require oversized caskets.


Moreover, those whose proportions exceed the dimensions of standard casket also require oversized or customized caskets.

For instance, almost one-third of the adults in US are obese and thus, require larger caskets for burial. In fact, originally the width of a standard casket used to be 24 inches but since the past 15 years, it has been changed to 27-28 inches.

For obese and overweight individuals, the funeral directors determine the casket size requirement by measuring the deceased from the one side of the bend in the elbow to the other side. While taking this measurement the hands of the deceased should be resting on his or her abdomen.

Thus, before purchasing a coffin or casket for a departed loved one with generous proportions, make sure you consult your funeral director.

Oversized caskets are available at stores like,,,, etc.

In case you are thinking about constructing a wooden casket yourself then read this. Plus, you can find guidelines for making a coffin, at WikiHow.

Those who are planning cremation need to keep in mind that several cremation units in crematoriums are not suitable for incineration of oversized bodies, which are about 36 inches wide or more.

When looking for a suitable casket for your pet, consider its breed to determine the size. More often than not, pet caskets come in small, medium, and large sizes. If you want to be more specific, then you can take the measurements yourself.

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