How Much Does A Casket Weigh?

The weight of a casket depends on the type of material it is made of. Thus, cloth covered cardboard caskets tend to weigh less than wooden and heavy gauge metal caskets. On an average, the weight ranges between 100-300 lbs.


Besides, needless to say, the weight also depends on the size of the casket. Hence, oversized caskets are likely to be heavier than the normal one or those designed for children.

Pet caskets, too, are comparatively lighter in weight. Most commercial caskets are tested to carry about 300 to 500 lbs so that they can successfully bear the weight of the deceased.

However, if you are not sure whether the interred casket can endure the weight of the earth and the heavy equipments used for cemetery maintenance, then you may opt for a burial vault.

These vaults can withstand almost 5000 pounds per square foot. They are mostly made of concrete, steel, and high-grade plastic.

Although whether you want to get a burial vault or not is a personal choice, some cemeteries have mandatory burial vault policies. So, while choosing a cemetery, make sure you find out the regulations regarding caskets and burial vaults.

Coming back to caskets, most caskets are constructed of lightweight steel alloy and can carry quite a heavy weigh.

Moreover, bronze and copper caskets are usually available as 32 oz or 34 oz. Thus, they are priced by weight per square foot.


Hardwood caskets made of walnut, oak, maple, mahogany, rosewood, poplar, etc. are also sturdy and are likely to be around 200 pounds. For instance, an empty oat casket may weigh up to 180 pounds.

Heavy triple-blanked mahogany caskets, however, tend to be heavier. Cloth-covered cardboard caskets, on the other hand, usually generally weigh approximately 80 lbs.

Similarly, when interested in a durable yet environment-friendly casket, you can go for high-quality green caskets or coffins prepared from wicker and bamboo.

These eco caskets can carry up to 300-350 pounds of weight. They can be buried as well as cremated. Even the cardboard caskets can bear up to 250-300 lbs.

More often than not, manufacturers test the weight carrying capacity of their caskets by simulating load conditions. Plus, even the handle should strong and comfortable for the pall bearers.

It is worth noting that the dead body seems to become heavy after death but actually weighs the same. It seems heavier because the dead human can no longer control his muscles and hold on to a position which is easier for the pall bearers to move with.

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